rf Barcode TEchnology / inventory management

Our Mission

Warehousing / distribution

THE Strongest Link in the Supply Chain

Experienced personnel, specialized equipment and privately owned rail capacity.

Utilizing 2 versatile Warehouse Management Systems, Elite Logistix is equipped with inventory management, RF and EDI capability.

bulk commodity

Local Dedicated Shuttle Services and On-Site Spotting Services

Rail and INtermodal services

Picking small quantities, repacking required, shipping parcel with individual labeling requirements, no problem.


Experienced workforce, capable of handling all of your bulk commodity needs, via truck or rail.

pick / pack - Parcel Shipping - Quality Sampling - retail compliance

We will be your fully outsourced warehousing or distribution facility.​

Our Services

To be a leading Logistics Services Provider In the Southeast, focused on the Integrity of our relationships and continually striving to deliver on every commitment to Our Clients and Our Fellow Employees.